Ali @ Run the Sights

Run the Sights Director BSc(Hons) Psychology with Sport Science

About Me

  • Areas of knowledge/interest: Having been brought up in various different countries and worked and travelled in several countries I have the travel bug myself. I am particularly interested in other cultures. All things related a healthy and kind life style is of interest to me. I am trying my best to be vegan and so far it is going well. I love to run particularly trails and long distance. I love to explore new places whilst running. Most of the time I am accompanied by my faithful dogs, unfortunately they do not come on the tours. Edinburgh in all it's glory from the rich history and architecture to the fantastic hidden closes, absolutely fascinate me and I look forwards to sharing this with you.
  • Hobbies: Running, exploring, travelling, healthy eating, healthy living, meeting people, different cultures & DOGS!

Tours provided

  • The Crystal River
    Adventure tours - Running tour
    £ 21.00 - 1 - 2 hours - English
    The Crystal River is £21 for 1 person, £35 for 2 people and £10 for each extra person after that. Please contact us directly if you wish to book a tour and we will send you the sign up link.