I studied Photography and Audiovisual Arts with specialization in Advertising Architectural Photography. Through my experience, I experimented and specialized in many kinds of photography (Landscape, Infrared etc) and fields of digital media, a fact that helped me to involve as an artist but also as a professional. My career is now focused in education, I teach photography and image editing, I really love tutoring. I am working in the tour industry since 2013, for me that occupation combines the interaction with people with great historical places, nothing else gives me so much energy.

About Me

  • Areas of knowledge/interest: Travel, Photography, Architecture, Culture, History, History of Arts, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Design, Cinematography, Music, Reading, Biking,
  • Hobbies: Personal Art Projects, Photography, Travel, Drawing, Digital Design, Cinema and Cinematography, Music, Reading, Biking, Yoga, Kung fu

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