Olga Gogoleva is an Edinburgh architecture buff, a tour leader, content manager and owner of Cobble Tales – Architectural Tours of Edinburgh. She graduated with Masters in Architecture from Newcastle University, currently works on freelance design projects and teaches at Edinburgh University.

About Me

  • Areas of knowledge/interest: Fascinated with Edinburgh’s amazingly rich historic architecture. The builders of Edinburgh left us a plethora of clues in architecture, sculpture and streetscape. To those who care to notice, the historic fabric of the city speaks its tales. The architectural tours of Edinburgh are designed to tell a story based on the buildings and their details. These subjects are used to explain the influences that shaped the development of the city, aspirations of building patrons and architects.
  • Hobbies: Arts and crafts: sketching, painting, jewellery making. Sports and Travel: hiking, mountain biking, camping, diving, bird-watching.

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