Get the best out of the #Festivals!

August, the month of #festivals in Edinburgh! The Fringe Festival alone, being the biggest, attracts thousands of artists and millions of tourists every year. Streets turn into a sea of people, enjoying street shows, walking around and exploring the city! It’s easy to lose yourself within the crowd and being overwhelmed leaving you unable to […]

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#BREXIT & Travel?

Referendum this Thursday is an historic event. It will decide the future of Britain, either with or without EU. There are many opinions and predictions about what may happen if people vote Leave. These forecasts are coming from economists and political organisations, however no one exactly knows what is expected from possible break-up. Will it […]

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How to travel for less

Classic Scenario: You are at work and look at Instagram posts of people travelling the world, in exotic places with big smile and amazing views behind them. When you do this two things happen. First, you question yourself, “What am I doing here, I may just quit my job and travel?”. The a moment later […]

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