About Us

GetGuided is making travel more personal with our fun locals who offer various activity ideas and experiences! Our goal is for everyone, from visitors to residents, to fall in love with Edinburgh through our free-spirited way of exploring the city. We do not only help travellers discover that hidden part of town and experience local lifestyle, but also assist in explorers building friendships with new people that have similar interests.

Where did this idea come from?

Hi, I am Cavid!

When I arrived in Edinburgh to start my journey of completing my Masters Degree, I realised that Edinburgh had so much to offer but I wasn’t sure how to go about exploring it all. The way I saw it, was that I had one of two options. I could spend my time researching online about Edinburgh’s amazing history and local lifestyle without actually being involved, or I could book a tour with large groups which would take me to the top tourist sites in Edinburgh. Neither of those appealed to me. I wanted to be immersed in the culture and surrounded by new and friendly people in intimate, authentic settings. I wanted to feel like a local.

So I took action. Over the course of a couple of days, I talked to more than 400 amazing tourists and gathered some interesting information. Some of which was that many people who visit a new place, have a strong desire to connect to the locals and educate themselves on the culture. Part of the issue with current tours in the city, is that their information lacks a lustre of personalisation.

With this amazing feedback, I then took on the duty of meeting more than 300 locals. Local people wanted to share their unique experiences with other travellers, but did not have the platform where they could easily get involved and connect with flexibility. What I also found out, is that local hosts didn’t have a reliable, central hub to send their guests to when they inquired about experiencing the true Edinburgh, not just the touristy destinations.

Having spent countless hours educating myself on the need for a better visitor marketplace; myself along with my award winning team have created GetGuided. To this day, we have had dozens of people experience the city through the friendly locals program that we’ve formed. All of our travellers have praised our services since day 1, and we gratefully receive never-ending positive feedback and reviews every single day. One of our biggest accomplishments is knowing that people have enjoyed Edinburgh and its locals offering different experiences with their various backgrounds, knowledge and interests.

When we created GetGuided, our goal was to help people live and discover every city they visit, like a local. We want to blend diverse cultures, and make stereotypes a thing of the past while building friendships all over the world.

Meet the team

Cavid Cavid Nadirov
Cavid has a BSc in Business Administration and a MSc in Human Resources Management. He has had the pleasure of living in 4 various countries and working side by side with people of vastly different cultures. Here he learned the immense importance of understanding different cultures. His communication skills, organisation of new projects and team building is unmatched, which is handy to provide best experience to our users!
Cavid Turan Rustamli
Turan earned his BSc in Applied Mathematics and his MSc in Artificial Intelligence. He is the tech guru behind GetGuided. He was one of the highest awarded students in his class and has won several programming contests. Turan has played a significant role in many different start-up teams. His academic and technical knowledge makes GetGuided to reach the level awesomeness!