Frequently Asked Questions

What does the experience include?

Your experience will differ depending on the local that you are matched with. It may be an amazing city tour, discovering hidden gems of town. Or even running around town learning how to take great photos while enjoying the beauty of the city.

Do you offer services outside of Edinburgh?

Currently we are focused on sharing great experiences in Edinburgh only. However, very shortly, you will be able to book great experiences in all sorts of different corners of the world.

Are food and drinks included in price?

During the food tours, drinks and food will not be included in the price. We do so to give you full flexibility and choice. However, many places we visit will offer free samples to the guests.

What is your refund policy?

We cover our refund policies and all other necessary points in our T&C

How do I know which experience is the right one for me?

Every experience has a full description where you can find which one suits you best. Also you can check profiles of locals to match with your interests and hobbies. You can always ask for more information if you need it via e-mail.

How personal is the experience?

Your experience is very personal. Locals will fully adapt to you in terms of timing, location of the meeting and the experiences you’d like to have. It will be only you and your group with a local. You will enjoy the experiences and build great friendships. You can’t get more personal than that!